Skipper’s bar opened on the 4th of May, 1987 and is currently going through its 26th year of operation.

In between the very day it opened until today, the ways and the places of entertainment have changed,

along with the city, people’s habits and even life itself. Throughout every change, Skipper’s bar has remained

constant, preserving its initial and basic elements: aesthetics, honesty, friendly prices, honest share, pure

drink, cozy and civilized ambiance.

Most of our first customers that are still around, honor us with their presence and for many others,

their children form the new generation of Skipper’s and carry on the legacy.

Back in the distant 80s, when different kinds of people in Athens used to revel, holed up in their

own individual “fort”, Skipper’s bar was probably the only bar in open space without a “bouncer”,

face control or any other form of social discrimination.

Our sole advertisement consists of people who chose Skipper’s bar as their “lodge” for the past 26 years

of its existence, where no sign has been raised, no publicity has been given and it may even be

hard to find on city guides.

Skipper’s bar has remained classic, simple and steadily multi-collective, continuing

to be with you with the same status, the same people and the same elegance and philosophy,

because Skipper’s bar is not a trend, but an emotional idiom.